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The meaning of life is a philosophical question concerning the significance of life or existence in general. It can also be expressed in different forms, such as "Why are we here?", "What is life all about?", and "What is the purpose of existence?" It has been the subject of much philosophical, scientific, and theological speculation throughout history. There have been a large number of proposed answers to these questions from many different cultural and ideological backgrounds. The meaning of life is in the philosophical and religious conceptions of existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness, and borders on many other issues, such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics, good and evil, free will, the existence of one or multiple Gods, conceptions of God, the soul, and the afterlife. Scientific contributions focus primarily on describing related empirical facts about the universe, exploring the context and parameters concerning the 'how' of life. Science also studies and can provide recommendations for the pursuit of well-being and a related conception of morality. An alternative, humanistic approach poses the question "What is the meaning of my life?" The value of the question pertaining to the purpose of life may coincide with the achievement of ultimate reality, or a feeling of oneness, or even a feeling of sacredness."What is the meaning of life?" is a question many people ask themselves at some point during their lives, most in the context "What is the purpose of life?".[10] Some popular answers include: To realize one's potential and ideals[edit source | editbeta] To chase dreams.[142] To live one's dreams.[143] To spend it for something that will outlast it.[144] To matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.[144] To expand one's potential in life.[143] To become the person you've always wanted to be.[145] To become the best version of yourself.[146] To seek happiness[147][148] and flourish.[3] To be a true authentic human being.[149] To be able to put the whole of oneself into one's feelings, one's work, one's beliefs.[144] To follow or submit to our destiny.[150][151][152] To achieve eudaimonia,[153] a flourishing of human spirit. To achieve biological perfection[edit source | editbeta] To survive,[154] that is, to live as long as possible,[155] including pursuit of immortality (through scientific means).[156] To live forever[156] or die trying.[157] To evolve.[158][159] To replicate, to reproduce.[142] "The 'dream' of every cell is to become two cells."[160][161][162][163] To seek wisdom and knowledge[edit source | editbeta] Philosopher in Meditation (detail) by Rembrandt To expand one's perception of the world.[143] To follow the clues and walk out the exit.[164] To learn as many things as possible in life.[165] To know as much as possible about as many things as possible.[166] To seek wisdom and knowledge and to tame the mind, as to avoid suffering caused by ignorance and find happiness.[167] To face our fears and accept the lessons life offers us.[150] To find the meaning or purpose of life.[168][169] To find a reason to live.[170] To resolve the imbalance of the mind by understanding the nature of reality.[171] To do good, to do the right thing[edit source | editbeta] To leave the world as a better place than you found it.[142] To do your best to leave every situation better than you found it.[142] To benefit others.[6] To give more than you take.[142] To end suffering.[172][173][174] To create equality.[175][176][177] To challenge oppression.[178] To distribute wealth.[179][180] To be generous.[181][182] To contribute to the well-being and spirit of others.[183] To help others,[3][182] to help one another.[184] To take every chance to help another while on your journey here.[142] To be creative and innovative.[183] To forgive.[142] To accept and forgive human flaws.[185][186] To be emotionally sincere.[144] To be responsible.[144] To be honorable.[144] To seek peace.[144] Dante and Beatrice see God as a point of light surrounded by angels; from Gustave Doré's illustrations for the Divine Comedy Meanings relating to religion[edit source | editbeta] To reach the highest heaven and be at the heart of the Divine.[187] To have a pure soul and experience God.[144] To understand the mystery of God.[150] To know or attain union with God.[188][189] To know oneself, know others, and know the will of heaven.[190] To love something bigger, greater, and beyond ourselves, something we did not create or have the power to create, something intangible and made holy by our very belief in it.[142] To love God[188] and all of his creations.[191] To glorify God by enjoying him forever.[52][192] To go and make new disciples of Jesus Christ.[193] To act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.[194] To be fruitful and multiply.[195] (Genesis 1:28) To obtain freedom (Romans 8:20-21) To fill the Earth and subdue it.[195] (Genesis 1:28) To love, to feel, to enjoy the act of living[edit source | editbeta] To love more.[142] To love those who mean the most. Every life you touch will touch you back.[142] To treasure every enjoyable sensation one has.[142] To seek beauty in all its forms.[142] To have fun or enjoy life.[150][183] To seek pleasure[144] and avoid pain.[196] To be compassionate.[144] To be moved by the tears and pain of others, and try to help them out of love and compassion.[142] To love others as best we possibly can.[142] To seek pleasure[edit source | editbeta] To eat, drink, and be merry.[197] To have power, to be better[edit source | editbeta] To strive for power[25] and superiority.[196] To rule the world.[151] To know and master the world.[193][198] To know and master nature.[199] Life has no meaning[edit source | editbeta] Life or human existence has no real meaning or purpose because human existence occurred out of a random chance in nature, and anything that exists by chance has no intended purpose.[171] Life has no meaning, but as humans we try to associate a meaning or purpose so we can justify our existence.[142] There is no point in life, and that is exactly what makes it so special.[142] One should not seek to know and understand the meaning of life[edit source | editbeta] The answer to the meaning of life is too profound to be known and understood.[171] You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.[142] The meaning of life is to forget about the search for the meaning of life.[142] Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.[200] Life is bad[edit source | editbeta] Life is a bitch, and then you die.[145] Better never to have been.[201] See also Vale of tears